Ultralight Bivy Bag

How much is your life worth? Is it worth laying out $80 and carrying 273 grams for example? This is the Outdoor Research Helium Emergency Bivy, a trimmed down version of their regular Helium Bivy (510 grams). If you carry a raincoat you could make a raincoat shelter for your head, and you could hold he bivy open with a willowy stick and a couple of lengths of foam insulation which has many other uses.

Most people who die on the trail are day walkers. The next biggest group are track walkers. Bushwackers being more experienced suffer much less. It is worth developing the experience, but also always being prepared for the worst.

Helium Emergency Bivy


Helium (Standard) Bivy

A couple of other survival shelters to think about: This one at 350 grams and this one at 253 grams. Adventure Medical Kits have a number of cheap ultralight bivys as well which are well worth a look. For example their Escape Bivy (which breathes) and has some insulative ability as well – perhaps as much anyway as a summer weight sleeping bag (and Only US$60). They also have a lighter model (5.5 oz – 157 grams) for US$40. It is also a good way of adding some warmth to your sleeping bag and mat on colder nights. It is well worth having a detailed look at their site.

These survival sleeping bags are a great investment too. You never have to worry about getting them wet. I always have one in my hunting day pack.

You can easily make your own bivy for a couple of bucks if you have a roll of Tyvek lying around – as you should. Many other things can be made from it, such as this.

Mind you you can get a whole tent for 500 grams. One such as this for example if you are well-heeled, or one such as this if you are not. You would have to admit this little floorless mid weighing 410 grams which cost me US$43,50 or A$59.98 delivered is hard to beat

Here is another interesting DIY concept.

Mind you if you carry nothing else, carry one of these: If you could only carry two things in the bush, what would they be? AMC have their own model thermal poncho for US$8.

The Helium Emergency Bivy is on Massdrop now for US$80 & Regular Price: US$129

PS: Reader Muzza has a couple of other good suggestions: 2Go Systems Bivy and Australian Manufacturer Terra Rosa Gear’s Sleep Covers.

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2 thoughts on “Ultralight Bivy Bag”

  1. I have been running a bivy for a few years now from your recommendation, and love every thing about it.
    Increase in temp with my mat and quilt, you can slide into the tent wet and muddy and only get the outside of bivy wet, and in good weather I use it as a ultra light camp out deer hunting away from main camp.
    The bivy I use is a Go2 systems tyvek one at about 250g.
    But have just ordered an Aussie made one with silnylon floor and tyvek top at about 155g, check them out.
    Melbourne company ! Terra Rosa gear.
    All the best, love everything you have done!
    Cheers Muzza.

    1. Thanks for that Muzza. Will do. Will add your ideas to the post when I do – actually I was going to do a post on Australian Hiking Manufacturers. You may have inspired me. Cheers, Steve.

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