The Dragonfly – Ultralight Titanium Knife:

Things just keep getting better and better. I was impressed by the CRKT PDK knife but I am even more impressed by this 10.4 gram little beauty. I confess I may have a titanium fetish, and yes, I do think you could dress a sambar deer with one. I have used the CRKT on one quite successfully but you have to be careful not to break the plastic holder. I realise that I have used leverage on a knife too much. It is a cutting instrument.You should not twist it or try to bend it.

Above the CRKT knife; below the Dragonfly:

It comes in this beautiful gift box too – perfect for Xmas!

This Dragonfly is absolutely the most remarkable knife I have ever had in my hand. It will definitely be going into my Ultralight Deer Hunter‘s kit. Maybe 12 grams with a couple of spare blades, and it will so easily butcher and cape out a sambar deer.

If you are not good at sharpening knives these replacement blade knives (such as this one and this one too ) are right for you. However if you are like me and grew up before the rabbit plague was ended by myxomitosis back around 1956 then you probably also wore out several pocket knives skinning rabbits before you started school (as I did). If you can dress a rabbit in under a minute, the you can almost certainly envisage the perfect angle to sharpen a knife with a bit of spit and a handy river pebble.

Gerber LST 34 grams.

If you are not, you might try one of these lightweight knife sharpeners eg on your Gerber or Johnson River Knife.

Or else, get one of these Dragonflies! Apparently it does have a lock blade but I would not put too much force on a 1/3 oz knife. A handy tool for the pocket or for the Ultralight Deer Hunter, but I would always carry a fixed blade knife so I could split wood to light a fire.

‘The Dragonfly – a Titanium Folding Knife. Featuring an ergonomic design and a replaceable blade (#24) this knife is perfect for everyday tasks.


  • Material – GR5 Titanium
  • Length Closed – 83.5mm
  • Length Open – 140mm
  • Thickness – 3mm
  • Replaceable Blade #24
  • Weight – 10.4g’

Normal price US$70 ( but available right now (July 20129) on Drop for US$42: I have ordered one for my 70th birthday!

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