A Golden Queen

Della: ‘This evening’s harvest of Golden Queen peaches and apricots: How beautifully they glow in the early evening light! The wet spring and summer has given us bountiful fruit this year.The blood plums were ready over Christmas and New Year, and the bulk of that crop had either fallen or been eaten by the cockies before we knew it.

We have 2 later varieties almost ready though, so we will get a second and a third chance. Meanwhile we have been munching on glorious plumcots and yellow “Simon Demon” plums. The Golden Queen peaches are my favourite yellow clingstone variety, firm and tasty for both eating and preserving.

The little stunted tree has outdone itself this year, and I am wondering where I am going to find the time this week to preserve what we can’t eat …A job for another day, most certainly, but with shearing about to begin, I am not quite sure which day it might be’

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