Super Ultralight Tent Pegs

Sometimes you just need a really, really ultralight peg, perhaps one which weighs only 1 gram! These guys will not have the same ‘purchase’ as a heavier, thicker diameter or longer peg bu they are super ultralight: only one or two grams each.

They might suit for pegging down the edge of your ultralight titanium DIY Hobo Stove for example, or for pinning down your (small) dog sleeping bags. Maybe even for (intermediate pegs) eg on your ultralight ground sheet – anything which needs horizontal location without much ‘lift’ and which does not require too much strength. Probably many other uses.

The Terra Nova ones though only a gram each are very expensive (several times the price). The Aliexpress ones are 2 grams and  around $1 each. Both appear to be around 130 cm (5.12″) long but the terra Nova ones are perhaps 1.7mm and the Aliexpress ones around 2 mm.

Terra Nova Titanium 1g Skewer Peg

2 gram pegs:


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