Tooth Powder

So you have made your ultralight toothbrush spoon but are still lugging around all that heavy toothpaste or painfully drying it. You should know that tooth powder is a thing (and has been for a long time).

You can even buy your favourite brand (Colgate). Some studies even show that it is better for cleaning your teeth – as well as saving you a few grams. What’s not to like?

I bought 50 grams for A$7.22 inc. delivery on eBay. This should be enough for quite a bit of hiking dental care. I would store it in one of these tiny containers or in a drinking straw like this:

Dental floss is also a useful product. I carry it for repairs (using a self-threading needle). I have sewn up a pair of trousers which  practically split in half with it on the Dusky Track –   and you can even catch a fish with it.

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