DIY Ultralight Camp Shoes

I get it that you might not be able to sew but I don’t get that you can’t learn and can somehow afford to buy $500+ tents and other such nonsense but you can’t buy a $200 sewing machine and make your own even better tent for <$50, but maybe I can start you on that road with a very cheap very light camp shoe.

If you have maybe tried out the 15 gram Blue Foam Flip-Flop I posted about here or the slightly better Toughened Foam Flip Flops or maybe had a go at the New-Sew Sandals or these Ultralight Thongs you might like this mod of the Toughened Foam Flip-Flops which someone is now selling. ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ they say.

Nonetheless the button idea is a worthwhile addition to the genre and if you are too lazy to make your own you might as well buy a pair I suppose since apparently it does grow on trees. A dry pair of shoes for night-time ought not to weigh any more than about an ounce. Just as a pack, sleeping bag or tent  ought not to weigh any more than 500 grams each.

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