Modifying/Shortening Hiking Mats:

Sometimes hiking mats just come in the wrong length or width. For example, I would like a wider pad but they only come very much longer. Is it possible to cut a bit off them and reseal them? Yes it is. Here are some links on how to do just that:

shorten inflatable mat

How to Cut and Reseal a Neoair – On The Trail – Episode #1:

Shorten Neoair:

How to shorten a full length self-inflatable mattress:

Here is another by the amazing Steve Evans from from Suluk 46:

Resizing a Therm-a-rest Evolite Sleeping Pad:

Resizing the Massdrop x Klymit Static V Ultralight Sleeping Pad:

People have slept thousands of nights on similarly modified pads.

Below are two mats I would consider cutting down to produce a mat which has more width comfort:

Thermarest XLite Large: 25” (63 cm) by 77” (196cm) by 16 oz (460 grams) R 3.2 If I cut this down to the same dimensions as my XLite Womens it would weigh 394 grams. Only 54 grams for that much increase in comfort! It would then make a superlative hammock pad for me which would not require any side insulation such as this:

Thermarest Neo Air All Seasons Large 25” (63 cm) by 77” (196cm) by 25 oz (710 grams) R 4.9 2 If I cut this down to the same dimensions as my XLite Womens it would weigh 608 grams.

I could cut an unnecessary 6” off Della’s XLite Women’s saving her 10% of its weight (or 34 grams)!

You might also want to trim a mat to make it more mummy shaped – and to save weight.

Other modifications: Erin McKittrick and her husband Hig during their ‘ A Long Trek Home’ ( cut down their Thermarest self inflators by cutting a hole (roughly) in the middle of them through which they could push their head. They then passed a string/belt around themselves and the mattress creating a makeshift life jacket!

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First Published: Sep 9, 2016


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