Ultralight Windscreen or Chimney Closure

This is so far a ‘proof of concept but it will soon be a new model of my diy ultralight roll-up titanium stove/windscreen and may be incorporated into sections of chimney for my ultralight tent stove as it will be so much easier to roll up – and there is nothing to get lost. We will see.

ultralight titanium diy windscreen or stove

ultralight diy titanium windscreen or stove

ultralight diy titanium windscreen or stove

I will make the tags longer than this. I stupidly cut it off. I also needed to allow another 1/2″ of overlap. You can cut the slot with the super-scissors/snips they sell everywhere after you have drilled two 1/8″ holes the correct distance apart. I needed to be a bit more careful about this.

Nonetheless I am very pleased with the idea. it is simple  yet strong. It would work fine in .05mm foil which is all you would need for a windscreen alone and would make a pot screen less than 10 grams weight.

I think for my 4″ high hobo stove three of these tag and slot joiners will make a very solid connection. I can add additional slots so that the stove can fit outside the pot or inside the pot.

A little experimentation has shown me that the .1mm foil is more than strong enough to support the weight of a 2 litre pot full of water. I use an 1100 ml pot.

If you can sit the pot directly on the windscreen/stove then in wood burning mode you can dispense with the two 6.6 gram stakes. Of course if I were to do this I would have to drill additional hoes near the top to let the smoke and flame out. Having additionally dispensed with the pot rivets and made the diameter smaller, the stove set-up may weigh as little as 15 grams as compared with approximately 33.

I have just bought a Toaks 650 ml pot at 60 grams US$36.95 (Apr 2022). I will make a .1ml titanium foil lid for this which will weigh approx 3 grams so that my cookpot will reduce from the 123 grams of my existing 1100 ml one (good for two though) when I am traveling alone eg on an overnight ultralight deer hunt to 63 grams. 60 grams is a significant reduction. Of course I will also need a cup – 25 grams.

PS: Progress:

In this version you can certainly see that one can make a secure hobo stove (or a chimney) with this (refined) method. Obviously I will get this neater. You could easily make eg  12″ or 18″ (30cm/45 cm) sections of chimney which stacked and were prevented from sliding further into each other by the tab. I would need just 3 for my Grey Flyer tent. These will be easier to roll up than a longer section of chimney so obviously I will do this with my final tent stove version.

In this iteration I have had to cut away a lot less metal. This makes the overlap less too. I will work out how to make the slots and tags neater (without using a laser cutter).

PPS: Have discovered I can make the cuts perfectly with a jeweller’s tin snips (Total Tools) and the necessary slots with a metal cutting disc for a Dremel (Bunnings) giving a neat burr free result.

The circuits and peltiers have arrived so I can prototype my heat charging device using this stove. I bought 22 watt peltiers which should charge an 18650 battery in about an hour.

DIY ultralight chimney or stove

DIY ultralight chimney or stove

DIY ultralight chimney or stove

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