Best Five Backpacking Blogs

Of course we were delighted to have our humble blog chosen  to be amongst the best in the world in this comprehensive survey. Feedspot’s Best Ultralight Backpacking Blogs. Thank you to Anuj and his staff for their endorsement.

The Ultralight Hiker

It has been a lot of hard work and is all the more extraordinary in that it is not a commercial site and is pretty much all my own work (with a lot of help and support from Della, my wonderful wife of fifty years. Currently this post is post Number 1573 on our site – millions of words. Of course it would be nice to be number one on the list.

I admit my posting has slowed down a bit of late due equally to indifferent health, the demands of other (mostly farm) work, the fact that I do not simply publicise every ‘new’ product which comes along whether I like it our not but choose to talk about only those which I like and which I think make a useful contribution to the goals of ‘ultralight’ – but more than anything to the fact that so many of my posts are about my own doings and inventions – and this takes time.

I think the site might have ranked higher if someone had not hacked my Facebook page so that I have had to ask that it be suspended. Unfortunately Facebook has now allowed someone else to start up a blog of exactly the same name (despite the fact I own the trade mark for the name ‘Ultralight Hiker’).

I admit I have not kept up my Instagram posts (for years) likewise my Pinterest posts. This is a deficiency I have intentions to correct, but ‘time’s winged chariot’ & etc.

I am currently working on a number of posts. For example, two wonderful ideas from the indefatigable Tim Tinker, instructions and experiences of creating an entirely new (type of) backpack, ditto for building my 7 x 7 multi tarp which triples as a raincoat, ground tarp and hammock tarp – and an be configured for two users at approx under 200 grams(for one) and a little over 250 grams (for two), ditto for my improved hobo stove and chimney, an explanation of the six most important hiking items, a rework of an older post about the joys of hiking in the rain, and etc, etc.

As I say, it all takes time. Please be patient. I am also planning on actually going hiking/hunting (sometime) for a week soon – providing the antibiotic I am currently taking actually clears up the pneumonia I am currently suffering from. Indications are good so far, so I am packing today, and completing sewing my tarp. Wish me luck!

Of course, there will also be a post about that ‘adventure’.



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