Vargo Pocket Cleats

Tractional security just got even lighter. The new version of Vargo’s ultralight crampons weigh a little over one ounce each (32.6 grams) as compared with their previous version which was around twice that.

They have these plates on either side to keep them located (also lugs under)

Vargo Pocket Cleats

They look pretty grippy here on one of my Wide fit Keens Those four diagonal blades will cut into the ice well.

Vargo Pocket Cleats

They have a handy cord lock system for attaching and removing the. Takes only seconds.

Vargo Pocket Cleats

These should be good for those occasions when you encounter a pieces of ice or a treacherous clay slippery patch when a hard fall could easily cause injury – particularly when you are over 70 like us.

The big brother is still available and would be better for seriously difficult icy conditions but these new ones would be a godsend to have in your pack for when you encounter just a little unexpected slippery conditions.

I have ordered a pair for each of us (at US$29.95 plus freight – August 2023) which we will take on our next Everest Base Camp trek . We took the Yak Trax last time (at 145 grams each) and did not need them. We may not need these ones either but this is a serious weight saving anyway.

This time we intend to go up to the Gokyo Lakes where we may well encounter some ice. There was a little outside Dingboche when we were there last time but we encountered quite warm conditions.

This is a much cheaper way of improving traction eg in a pair of farm boots for use in very wet weather: DIY Crampons Equals 4WD Boots costing less than $1. I found it almost literally a life saver in the wet clayey conditions often encountered on our hill farm.

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2 thoughts on “Vargo Pocket Cleats”

  1. this would be easy to make from bicycle pedal straps and rectangular pieces of steel cut and bent to the shape. it’s not a bad idea. i’ve been carrying those rubber slip on anti-slip things* with blunt steel bolts on the toe, for occasional via-ferrata use. this might be slightly more effective than those while being the same weight. this stuff could save hours of wayfinding on a mountain when you just have to cross that 50 metres of glacier.

    *: it was named “Winter 5 studs Snow Anti Slip ice crampons Mens Ice Snow Crampons Shoes snow walker” in an online chinese shop

    1. I have mentioned many other DIY crampon ideas but I will probably just buy these. They are both light and cheap and I am a bit pressed for time at the moment.Cheers, Steve.

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