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These people have the solution for a lightweight merino wool shirt for hiking, farm work, everyday wear etc. They are also (roughly) only half the price of competitor’s products. I took a couple  on a recent trip to Nepal.

Wool is the most sensible fibre/fabric for hiking/hunting/outdoors generally as it retains its insulative ability even when wet but in lightweight fabrics like this wool jersey it is cool in warmer weather yet provides that extra warm layer in colder weather.

The best thing about it though is that you will almost never smell even after several days hard walking wearing it  in warm weather. The fabric does not negatively interact with human sweat like most artificial fabrics do which will have you stinking like something unspeakable in no time at all.

I have often worn a shirt for a week in the field yet you would never notice. These modern (‘superwash’) woolen fabrics are easy care too and very quick drying. They do not shrink if cared for properly.

It seems to have become more and more difficult to buy wool garments. Trousers are now next to impossible and shirts difficult at best. Quit a lot of people offer wool tees but if you want collars and pockets (as I do) it becomes quite fraught. Most that are available are very expensive too. For example, Icebreaker have a similar Polo (and I really do like their button-up woven wool shorts) but the list price is more than twice this.

These shirts cost A$66 ea (Jan 2023) each (cheaper for multiple orders eg A$60.50 ea for five – what I paid) which is probably less than half the price of any comparable shirt yet they are very well made and the fabric is just beautiful.

They have half a dozen different colours (no green – my favourite – this year unfortunately). Currently grey, red, pink and two shades of blue. I chose the grey which I think is very pleasant – and should not spook the deer too much!

They also sell long sleeve Polos from A$75 and tee shirts from A$59 ea.

Mine weighed 195 grams in Size OS with an added pocket (ask and add $10 to your order) which I think is a pretty good weight for a wool shirt. The sizing was generous enough – mine was loose.

At the Lukla exit gate – the beginning of the Everest Base Camp Trail

And a little further along the way.

I know I am not the best model for anything but the shirts stood up well to everything I did with them including  sundry anonymous Nepalis hand washing them on rocks somewhere then drying them on their rooves!

Once again here is their website: Merino Polo. I am sure (their) Steve Noa will be able to help you out with all your shirt requirements. You will find his service excellent.

PS & BTW: They have recently been having a sale on their Tees. I bought five for less than A$200 delivered! Wonderful value – ad quality. In Size OS mine weighed 148 grams each.


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  1. Thank You Steve. Our motivation at TheMerinoPolo is to get more people into merino wool. To do this we make big runs of one colour which enables us to reach a price point that is too good to refuse. Australian merino wool (18.5 micron) spun with a small amount of nylon which provides much improved durability.

    We’ve also added our “Woolvolution” 100% 17.5 micron crew neck t-shirts to the range also which can be worn as against the skin thermals or as a casual, but very smart T.
    We look forward to outfitting more from the hiking fraternity.

    We also do logos and great deals for corporate and social groups.

    Thanks again
    Steve Noa -TheMerinoPolo

    1. Thank you Steve for adding this further information much of which I should have added in my original article – a great product. Hope lots of people buy them Cheer a, Steve & della.

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