Miso soup:

  Is it possible to like this stuff if you force yourself to eat it often enough or does it forever taste like (I Imagine) cocky cack? Only persistence will tell. I wonder is it like olives (an acquired taste)…Perhaps another cup again soon? Argh! Still it is only 6 grams for 19 calories, and …

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Moose Hunting in Fiordland

Watched Ken Tustin’s new doco which I mentioned the other day. If you are interested in great scenery, Fiordland, the origin of the moose herd there or just hunting generally you will find something to captivate you here (for a mere $10). On every ‘expedition’ there I have found ‘moose sign’ whilst hunting about …

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Eddie Herrick – Moose Hunting at Dusky Sound

Venery: This is one of my all-time favourite photos. This was Eddie Herrick circa 1934 in his eponymous creek in Wet Jacket Arm, Dusky Sound, Fiordland NZ with his bull moose. In a moose hunting career in Fiordland which involved Eddie hunting there for nearly three months a year for thirty years (that’s ten years) of …

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Dermasafe ultralight knives and saws.

Dermasafe ultralight knives and saws (from 8 grams):

New steps to the old hound yards.

I have been building a set of steps at the back of the house. Still not finished. They would have been such a boon for me for around 25 years of all those winter’s nights as I led hounds down that wet, slippery slope (and back) to take them hunting the majestic sambar in our wonderful …

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Snowy Bluff – Mt Darling Wilderness

Wilderness: Just spent a couple of days with Spot in the heart of the Snowy Bluff-Mt Darling Wilderness (around 1500 metres). The ‘easy’ way in is to follow the old ‘Carey Rd’ (closed 20 years ago) 200 metres on the right before Dimmicks lookout (off the Howitt Rd above Licola). It deteriorates to (virtually) impenetrable thickets …

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Gerber Knives – light & cheap!

Gerber Knives: For lightness (and cheapness) I recommend Gerber’s LST series knives, the ‘big’ one is around 34 grams, with a blade of  6.7cm (2¼”) & the ‘little’ one is around 17 grams, with a blade of 5cm (1.9”) & I also like their Pocket Sharpener at around 14 grams. Both knives plus the sharpener shouldn’t set you …

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Bruegels’ Dogs

Always loved Bruegels’ dogs (and Thurber’s!). An interesting analysis of their breeds: I think the hound in the right foreground could be taken right out of the painting and used (as a bloodhound) to hunt sambar deer in Victoria today.

Ultra Light Dog Leash

Ultra Light Dog Leash: (8.5 grams): Mini ‘D’ carabiner 2.8 grams + 2mm spectra cord Sometimes we have to walk on a ‘road’ aways or keep the dogs from ‘hunting’ some other pesky hiker, particularly in NPs (where the JRs have every right to be – they are Australians TOO, and pay all their …

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Upper Jordan Catchment

Spent yesterday traipsing (16km) around the Upper Jordan catchment, once the richest alluvial goldfield in the world (the average 3.6 metre square ‘paddock’ yielded 200 ounces of gold!) with Spot and my two ‘boys’ Bryn & Matt. We found an old boiler surrendering itself to the forest amid a welter of other old mining equipment, …

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Upper Thomson River

Swingler’s ‘Portal’ on the Upper Thomson River: This is the type of weir which could be built CHEAPLY on a number of other rivers (Aberfeldy, Macalister, Barkly, Moroka, Wonnangatta, etc) to increase (Read: ‘DOUBLE’) Melbourne’s water supply by diverting some of the surplus winter flow. As you can see it takes up only about an …

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African Sky Hunting

Envy: A friend of mine is in Africa hunting and shooting things; sounds like he is having a wonderful time. Every day there is talk of a new successful stalk, an impala or warthog taken, etc. Wonder how much it costs…Oh well, there are plenty of sambar deer here in Vic yet. May be time …

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Thomson & Jordan Rivers

Yesterday we spent 9 hours driving (mainly) and poking about in a (partial) circumnavigation of the Thomson and Jordan Rivers, one of my old hunting grounds. It still takes nearly 3 hours to drive each way (eg) to Mt Victor Spur Track (allegedly the site of a ‘Sweeney Todd’ hostelry during the 1860s) where I …

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45:70 Marlin Rifle

My 45:70 Marlin. MANY years ago I managed to break the stock on this wonderful rifle and have been unable to acquire a new one (even though it has been on my ‘present list’ for close on 20 years). To my surprise my wonderful family managed to source one for my birthday yesterday. I’m not …

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Small, Thin Pocket Knives

On recollection it seems I had my Cardsharp ( in my wallet on our recent trip to Cairns. They are exactly the size of a credit card so it is easy to forget you had one in your wallet for peeling a piece of fruit, opening a letter, etc. Those security people are getting really …

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The importance of hunting

The importance of hunting: ‘The report shows that hunting contributes $417 million annually to the Victorian economy, making us second only to the Spring Racing Carnival in importance to the state.’

Hunting: Wonnangatta

Our kitchen sink: the last few days. My son in law Matt and I just spent four days hiking/hunting a day’s walk away from the car in the Wonnangatta-Moroka National Park. Never have competition for who does the washing up at home, but this setting/plumbing makes a difference I guess… We always camp in an …

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A great hunting story.

A great hunting story; a reminder that there ARE still many wild places:

Don’t let old age stop you.

Someone quipped to me just yesterday. ‘Old age is not for sissies!’ Boy, you’re not just ‘whistling Dixie’! The young just wouldn’t be up to this shit! But their turn will come. Most of my (old) friends are either already dead or might as well be, creeping safely towards the grave as they have been …

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Waterproof Snaplock Bags

Aloksak make really great waterproof to 200 metres snaplock bags. This one is even big enough to put your rifle in (great for canoeing/boating/hunting trips). It is the only waterproof gun bag I know of: