Canoe clearing:

When clearing trails or small rivers such as the Tanjil and Latrobe, Fiskars Xtract Pruning Saw (available Bunnings: 120 grams & Fiskars/Gerber Brush Thinner Machete are excellent tools. The carabiner clip on the saw makes for very convenient stowage. … Continued

Sale Common:

After we closed the shop at lunchtime we went across to Sale and spent the afternoon walking along some of its dozens of kilometres of amazing wetland walking paths which would take days to fully explore: Gippsland’s ‘Everglades’! What a … Continued

Canoeing Gippsland’s Rivers

I have had some feedback to my posts about the Tanjil River (, Latrobe Rivers & etc. Some people phoned to thank me for an enjoyable trip on this section of the Tanjil. They are WINTER canoeists employing sit-on canoes … Continued

Upper Latrobe River

Yesterday in the heat we took a break to explore the Upper Latrobe again during the afternoon – it’s THAT close! There is a wonderful campsite down a ferny 4WD track off McKenzies Rd (Neerim East) near Noojee (shown). There … Continued

Canoeing in Gippsland

There are some major river trips which can be had wholly in Gippsland. For instance…Someday it is my intention to clear the Tyers River from Christmas Creek down to Wirilda Park (near the junction with the Latrobe). In the past … Continued

Moe-Yallourn Rail Trail

The Moe-Yallourn Rail Trail is a great intro to Gippsland hiking. There are no signs at either of its ends! We spent some time yesterday exploring… 300 metres East of Moe Railway Station you start on this trail (a little … Continued

Trafalgar/Noojee’s ‘Little India’

Yesterday we continued our reconnaissance of Trafalgar/Noojee’s ‘Little India’, a peninsula of forest which hangs down from the mountains into the lush Gippsland farmland along the upper Latrobe River. Though the Hawthorn Creek Bridge campsite has been closed (too many … Continued

Upper Yarra Walking Track Update

I now see we are going to be able to make this great track (Australia’s first long-distance walking track) even more accessible and more comprehensive. At the Warburton end you can link to the Lilydale-Warburton Rail-Trail (adding a further 38 … Continued

War on Campers

As we returned from our foray to the Upper Yarra Track on Xmas Day we cut down through a long sub-continental-shaped ‘tongue’ of forest which hangs down East of Noojee pointing towards Trafalgar along the Upper Latrobe River (Note to … Continued

Camping by Victorian Rivers & Streams

The Western Tyers is beautiful. Victoria (yet) has many other lovely rivers/streams where you can camp undisturbed (especially weekdays!) Some other examples: Latrobe (above Moe), Mitta (above Blue Duck), Avon (above Wombat Crossing), Haunted Stream, Nicholson (above Deptford), Snowy (above … Continued