Canoeing Gippsland’s Rivers

I have had some feedback to my posts about the Tanjil River (, Latrobe Rivers & etc. Some people phoned to thank me for an enjoyable trip on this section of the Tanjil. They are WINTER canoeists employing sit-on canoes … Continued

Macalister River

Macalister again: When the kids were very little on a hot day we used to cool off by spending the afternoon canoeing/swimming from Cheynes Bridge down to 20 Acre Creek (@ 1.5 hours paddling which we stretched to 4-5!) Even at … Continued


Canoeing: Where did all our water go? When the kids were young we used to be able to canoe the Macalister or Wonnangatta pretty much all summer. We used to love the trip from Basin Flat to Cheyne’s Bridge on … Continued

Canoeing in Gippsland

There are some major river trips which can be had wholly in Gippsland. For instance…Someday it is my intention to clear the Tyers River from Christmas Creek down to Wirilda Park (near the junction with the Latrobe). In the past … Continued

Camping by Victorian Rivers & Streams

The Western Tyers is beautiful. Victoria (yet) has many other lovely rivers/streams where you can camp undisturbed (especially weekdays!) Some other examples: Latrobe (above Moe), Mitta (above Blue Duck), Avon (above Wombat Crossing), Haunted Stream, Nicholson (above Deptford), Snowy (above … Continued

Canoeing the Macalister

I guess one of the great pleasures of canoeing is that you so rarely see anyone else canoeing. In 25 years canoeing (various sections) of the Macalister (for example) we ran into other canoeists just once. On that occasion one … Continued

Canoeing the Macalister River

We have been canoeing various sections of the Macalister River for over 25 years. Our favourite section has been: Basin Flat to Cheynes Bridge. This is one of the few rivers you can canoe with one vehicle by hitch hiking … Continued


The world’s oldest (authenticated) eel has died in Sweden at age 155, (clearly not enough folks EAT eel). I guess not all hail from ‘Ely’ in Cambridgeshire (as my ancestors did), a famed seat of ‘eel-lore’. We encountered some very … Continued

Canoeing the Macalister

We spent yesterday (5 ½ hours) white water canoeing on the Macalister River in our new ‘Old Town Pack Angler’ canoes which worked wonderfully. What was not so wonderful was that our JR, Tiny fell out of Della’s canoe unnoticed … Continued

Early Easter 4WD Misadventure

We set out Tuesday lunchtime with the camper planning to see some of the Snowy River before returning Thursday night….the best laid plans, as they say…. First problem was in the change of destination en-route…we thought that time was a … Continued