The Ultra Light Hiker

The Other Kingdom

This autumn we were in Scotland when our fields were alive with field mushrooms, alas. Mushroom time is one of my favourites. I always collect heaps of them, fry them up with lots of butter, onions and bacon then smother … Continued

The Ethical Hunter:

I really appreciate feedback such as this – and what a stunning photograph; a photo like this is worth more than all the ‘trophies’ hanging on the walls: ‘I recently read your sambar stalking articles and really appreciated your old … Continued

Golden Triangle Fallow:

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I visited Dunolly in Central Victoria briefly last week to see an old friend. Although the bush thereabouts looks like (and is described by locals even as) ‘lizard country’ my friend showed me a grassy rise as well as a … Continued

Must Take a Gun With Us

On our afternoon walks. This afternoon, a fine fallow stag had just crossed the track in front of us and had dropped this excellent antler. When I have time I will have a look around his rub lines (and he … Continued

The Last of the Mountain Men:

Isn’t this the feeling everyone who ventures far from track or trail is seeking: the freedom of the wilderness, the exultation of the hills, the distant roar of rapids, the whistle of wind in the trees, the ubiquitous echo of … Continued

Life Will Find a Way:

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Coming back from a weekend visit to Dunnolly we pulled over at the Gisborne exit on the Calder freeway (background), then went down the Water Treatment Plant Rd on the left to a dead end, roundabout and small roadside plantation … Continued

Solunar tables

I have a friend who swears by these. He claims enormously enhanced fishing/hunting success using them. I have certainly noticed that there are clear peaks in game activity; I have even noticed a relationship myself with the phases of the … Continued

Not Quite Alone in the Wilderness

I faced a week of enforced bachelorhood anyway (as Della is craftily away) so I decided to take the pups for a week’s walk…Four hour’s driving later including a couple on bumpy 4WD tracks we gazed up a river somewhere, … Continued

Spot’s Hunting Adventures: Mystery River #3:

Despite having a cold developing, I decided to take a couple of days off from my weed spraying, fencing, tree planting, sheep husbandry etc and head back to the ‘Mystery River’. While I live I can yet journey on, one … Continued

Spot’s Hunting Adventures: Mystery River #2:

So, Spot and I headed back to the ‘Mystery River’ for another look-see. I have become more vague about naming such places as I see lazier folk wanting to track me there – someone had visited only the day before, … Continued

Dinner Expedition Planning at Jeeralang:

That’s a map of the Mitchell on Matt’s phone, the (white) Tyvek tent between me and Spot, the Brasslite stove sitting on an upturned plastic bowl (a 19 gram leveling aid I am trying out) next to the box of … Continued

Spot’s Hunting Adventures #1: Mystery River

I needed to give the ‘Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter’ (I posted about here: ) a little practical test. What could be a better opportunity than the coldest June night since I was born, I thought. Combining Google Earth … Continued