Tyvek Jack Russell (Rain) Coat: 13 grams!

You all know I love Tyvek. My little chaps can get quite wet and cold if we are in the bush for long days in the winter so I thought I would treat them to some waterproofing. Surprisingly, my first effort worked very well – you can see Spot modelling it here.

He was quite happy wearing it for all of our 5km walk (run for him!) this afternoon and didn’t want me to take it off when we came home and I wanted to make Marque #2 (for Tiny) using it as a pattern. He needed a little more cover at the rump, along the back of his neck and along his sides. I will just keep using the last one as a pattern for the next one until I get it just right, then will post the pattern, so be sure to come back and check, but you can probably figure it out from the pix.

Measurements: Marque 2: Length measured from top of head to base of tail. Width: Girth at chest. Closing straps need to be at least 3″ long. Tyvek needs no seams and can easily be trimmed to fit your dog after you have fitted it. I just used stick-on Velcro for the four attachment points: seemed to work OK.

Update: They have now worn them on a couple of multi-day trips and on many rainy days. Sometimes they growl at me that they do not want them taken off, so that it is a vote in favour, I’d say! See also http://www.theultralighthiker.com/tyvek-solo-fire-shelter/

Stand up & show off Spot. OK!
Stand up & show off Spot. OK!
Do you like it Spot? Yes, Sir!
Do you like it Spot? Yes, Sir!

Can you still run fast in it Spot? My Word!

Can you still run fast in it Spot? My Word!

In my Superdog Cape I can really fly!

In my Superdog Cape I can really fly!

Tiny: I am not amused. Where's my magic cape?
Tiny: I am not amused. Where’s my magic cape?

Left: Marque#1, Right Marque#2.

Left: Marque#1, Right Marque#2.

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4 thoughts on “Tyvek Jack Russell (Rain) Coat: 13 grams!”

  1. Question… where do you buy the tyvek fabric? Thinking about using it to make some booties for my dog.He gets a lot of snow build-up between his toes. Don’t necessarily need it to be water proof just keep snow from accumulating. Does tyvek rip easily? best not to sew seams in it?

    1. I just bought it by the roll from my local hardware store (Bensons Morwell Vic). I use the ‘Homewrap’ product. I don’t think it would put up with abrasion enough to use for dog booties. I would perhaps use Dyneema for that. Quite a few businesses sell a cut piece as a groundsheet if you want to have a bit of a play with some – or builders obviously use it to insulate houses, so a local builder might have some off-cuts. I use it for tents and have not found that it rips easily. I sew hems and tie-outs to it without any problems. Cheers, Steve.

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