4WD Boots:


These tungsten carbide tipped studs provide huge levels of confidence in all slippery conditions underfoot whether that is due to ice, grass slopes, moss, seaweed or wet timber. Once installed they become part of the boot and the enhanced grip is available at all times. http://www.gripstuds.com/Boots.php & http://www.supatracks.com/best-grip-boot-studs-buy-online-uk.html

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A reader writes: ‘I used to run a lot in the winter. I would take hex head sheet metal screws and screw them in to the soles of old running shoes. It worked great and cost me about $2 at the hardware store. When the heads started to wear, unscrew and replace.‘ What a great idea!

NB: Studs can also be added to motorcycle tyres and the like to increase traction.

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