Ultralight Shorts: 28 grams:

This is probably a problem all of us have faced at some time – what to wear when needing to wash our trail clothes (or go for a swim when there are others around). At just 28 grams, Luke Stegner has come up with a solution, his ultralight laundry Shorts at US$ 34.99 (Oct 2017)

He also has a lot of other interesting ultralight gear, including practically the lightest raincoat around. Check out his website:


PS: I just received a pair of Luke’s shorts. They actually weighed less than his listed weight (25/28 grams) and were very well made. The legs are quite long too, so I will probably hem them up a bit shorter so that they come in at about 22 grams, which would be hard to beat for an item of clothing to wear when mixed bathing or doing the laundry on the trail.

Luke’s jacket seems to be the lightest and relatively the cheapest. I am tempted to order one and see how it goes. The Specs sound really impressive. A sub 120 gram jacket in my size (Men’s Medium) is pretty awesome.

Also good to be supporting a vet!

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