Have you tried the new Pulse Pasta?

Made only from beans and peas instead of grains – and so much better for you. Especially if you have a blood sugar problem. Also gluten free. We have and found it delicious. It has more of a nutty flavour than normal wheat pasta: https://sanremo.com.au/products/pulse-pasta-spaghetti/

Of course you will need a sauce to go with it. We have successfully dehydrated Campbells canned Spaghetti Sauce which rehydrates well on the trail. Another suggestion is the powdered Continental Spaghetti Sauce with the addition of some salami or rehydrated jerky and some dehydrated tomato (you can use some Continental Cupasoup Tomato flavour for example).

Another idea which we quite like are the Gravox dehydrated flavored gravies eg French Onion, Mushroom Sauce & etc. The addition of some salami to them will make quite an acceptable meal. They go fine with this pasta – or with some Continental Deb Mashed Potato. They also go well with Chinese sausage (which you should save the from so that you can have falafels for breakfast.

See Also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/a-hiking-food-compendium/


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