Cheap Insulated Pad

US$69.99 (Sept 2018) Paria Outdoors a Texas-based company (Denver) have these excellent mats in stock at almost half the price of a Neoair.

‘The ReCharge UL camping pad is the perfect size (72 x 20 x 2.5 – 189 x 50x 6 cm) and weight (20 ounces – 570 grams) for ultralight backpackers and thru-hikers’. It has 90 grams/ square metre microfiber insulation laminated inside which make for an R-value of 3.5 and they are good down to about -10C. Perfect 3- season capability. Of course the Noeair Womens is only 340 grams – but if you are on a budget, and young and strong…

You could carry this in your Budget Backpack ( US$17.99 and 315 grams) along with your Budget Tent ($US59.98 and 410 grams)

Mind you their Sanctuary Siltarps are good value too at US79.99 (Sept 2018) as are their Thermodown 30 down quilts: at US$ 144.99 and 32 oz (912 grams), or these cheap folding Trekking Poles  at US$49.99 (20 oz – 600 grams) and 15”/40cm folded – so they’ll fit easily into your pack.

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There are also many DIY options, eg:

Mind you, you should never head off into the wilds without one of these, or these.

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