60 DIY Ultralight Hiker Ideas:

I have been posting my DIY things for quite some time now. Thought you might like to see a collection of my ‘creations’. There are now closer to 100 than 60 – but who’s counting?

Brawny’s ‘Tarptent’

New Fancy Feast Stove

Budget Pack Mods

Self Cleaning Pet Water Bowl:

DIY Non-Fouling Pigeon Drinker

Trees and Tree Guards:

Ultralight Bathtub Floor

Car-Camper Conversion: $50

Nightcore Tube Hat Clip:

A Cure for Slippery Mats:


The Siligloo

Simple Hammock Double Up


The Pocket Poncho Tent

Raincoat Shelter:

Ultralight Hiking on a Budget

Ultralight Cups

Knee Pillow

Ultralight Clothes Pegs for Hiking


DIY Dry Back Pack

Bathtub Groundsheet Chair

Ultralight Poncho Tent

DIY Simple Hearing Aid Safety Clip

Fun with Sticky Tape: Mylar Poncho:

A Ball of String and a Feed of Cray:

Repurposing Camping Gear:

More Fun With Sticky Tape: Ultralight Mylar Vest:

Fishing with Floss:

Securing Hearing Aids:

Four Gram Fishing Handlines:

Side Insulation:

An Open Shelter

A taut string will act as a tripod or a gun rest!

Linelok Pack Tie Downs: 7 grams

Attaching Tie Downs to Your Pack:

DIY Head Torches:

Impregnable Gun Safe:

Toughened Foam Flip Flop 30 grams:

The Ultralight Fisherman

Hand Line Fly Fishing:

Cold Weather Hut Booties 36 grams:

Pimping a Gorilla:

Adding Down to a Sleeping Bag:


How to avoid being wet & cold while camping.

World’s Lightest Tarp Clip:

Fifteen Gram Blue Foam Flip-Flop Camp Shoe:

Tyvek Jack Russell (Rain) Coat: 13 grams!

The Ultralight Trail Baker:

Folding Staircase for Camper

11 Gram Rechargeable Head Torch:

Enginesaver: Low Engine Water Alarm:

Ultralight Glasses Case: 12 grams

Hole-less Poncho/Shelter/Hammock Tarp:

The Ultralight Bush Chair

Pitching the Poncho: Warning: This may save your life:

Faux Packraft VS Alpacka Raft

Fire Tent

Honey, I Shrank the Tent:

Tyvek Twin Fire Shelter:

New Decagon Octagon Tyvek Igloo Tent Design:

Home Made Pack Raft

Poly Tent by The Ultralight Hiker on the Cheap:

Water: Hiking Desalinater or Survival Still:

No Sew Sandals 80 grams:

New Tyvek ‘Forester’ Tent Design:

Tray-Top Camper

How to Light A Fire In the Wet!

Catenary Curves:

Bathtime on the Trail: The One Gram Platypus Shower:

Ultralight Clothes Pegs for Hiking

Tarp Bathtub Groundsheet:

The Egg-Ring Ultralight Wood Burner Stove:

Inflatable Bathtub Groundsheet:

Tyvek Tent Designs

Tyvek Bivi, Poncho, Tent Floor:

The Deer Hunter’s Tent:

Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter

Ultralight Chair/Groundsheet:

Mobile Phone Antennae: 64 x Signal Strength

Trowel Tent Peg

Some other people’s great DIYs:

Transparent Tarp Instructions





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