1200th Post

Every hundred posts or so I take time to highlight significant posts on the website over the last few months. In this case it is 200 posts since 6th October 2017 and my 1000th Post. In that time I have made some belated posts about our Qld trip back in September including our  ascent of Mt Bartle Frère Qld’s tallest mountain over 1600 metres – and you begin at about 100 metres above sea level – so it is quite a contrast of climates in a single day.

I did lots of Canoeing and pack rafting last summer as there was adequate water about even if not plenty. We had several trips on the the Wonnagatta the Macailister and the Thomson rivers.

I have been making some efforts to Speed up the website which have resulted in faster loading times. There is still much more to do but some of it is quite technical, time consuming – and fraught with pitfalls. I have loading times down to a bit over a second. I think I can more than halve that in the future for people who are every impatient – apparently many are.

I made a couple of new tents I am very happy with. This wonderful Siligloo which is vast yet only weighs 385 grams and my Pocket Poncho which weighs only 185. I plan a new version of the latter to accommodate two. It should increase its weight by only about 50 grams.

Some wet weather posts : how to enjoy hiking in the rain How to make a Hands free umbrella and other Rain gear

Some electrical posts including Chargers, Solar power, other  Battery gear and a New sat messenger which weighs under 100 grams.

Lots of other DIY ideas including a great way to sleep two under one tarp in a  Hammock Double Up and other hammock ideas New DIY: an ultralight New stove, some advice about  ultracheap backpacking, pack mods, ultralight cups, hearing aid clips, cheap pads and cheap quilts, cheap tents and an ultralight saw – and how to eradicate wasps. There are posts about Cold season pads and others and cheaper alternatives.

The old dog Tiny sadly departed after many years & the new dog Honey arrived.

We have spent some time exploring the Gippsland coast: Liptrap & the Five Mile & Waratah Bay & the Isthmus for example.

Some Recollections of Fox hunting my dad and other early adventures.

There is as usual Food, lots of food

and numerous Deer doings and advice including how to be an Ultralight deer hunter

We have a new tree planting method which has seen lots of success. There has been  wildlife fencing and other doings around the farm.

In may we had a ten day Scotland trip. I include our $50 camper instructions which we used on the trip.

There is more hiking advice including how not to die and how to find water

Unfortunately we have had some ill health We hope Della’s heart is now fixed My Back and knee have failed. Here is  what I did about it.

To round off  I offer this Life advice. Stay happy.

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