Most Beautiful Ultralight Windscreen

This brilliant 14 gram windscreen by Munieq of Japan (and available at Tier Gear Tasmania for A$39.95 (Oct 2019) has to take the prize. You can use one eg with an alcohol simmer stove such as Tinny’s that I wrote about here or you can join two together eg to use solid fuel.

‘Flame visible ultra light outdoor stove windscreen and pot stand from Munieq in Japan.

Micro meshed 0.2mm thin stainless steel sheet.

Assembles in a cylindrical shape

Alcohol stove or solid fuel compatible

Only 14g

Can be stacked in a mug or cup.

Multiple connect system – connect two for bigger pots or stoves

Single Diameter: 62mm x H:67mm for alcohol stove with diameter smaller than 55mm

Double Diameter:124 x H:67mm for alcohol stove or solid fuel’

It looks like it would also work well (and beautifully) with an ultralight esbit stove at 11.5 grams.

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