Tinny’s Gnomes

While I was working on my post about Simmer Stoves I just could not resist ordering a couple of Tinny’s stoves. I have to admit to being a bit of a collector of these wonderful contraptions. It is true that there are Minibull stoves I don’t own, but time will probably take care of that!

It is very difficult to get clear photos of alcohol flames. I had to take over fifty snaps to get two that were this good – and I had to wait for night before I could do even this well. Both stoves have wonderful patterns both in full flame and simmer though, don’t you think?

The one on the left is the Gnomatic at 12 to 19 grams (with simmer lid) and US$15 and the one on the right is the Turbo Gnome at 12 to 20 grams (with simmer ring) and US$20. They arrived within a week. Freight to Australia was US$20. They are a great bargain.

Both have a rolled piece of carbon felt inside so they won’t spill even if you knock them over. They are easy to blow out when you want to stop cooking. You could reverse the bottom piece (as shown) on the Gnomatic to make a lid for it and hopefully contain some of the unburnt fuel.

You push the burner down on the Gnomatic and add the simmer ring to the Turbo to (instantly) achieve this result:

Of course you are going to have to add a pot stand or use something like a Caldera Cone to use them but they should give you many years of excellent trail food.

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