Sometimes a post is too short really to suit so it just ends up here on my old site instead. Here are some examples from the last little while:

5/02/2021: A Really Long Walk With You. Fifty years ago (this week) I first met Della, who has been life itself to me ever since. She was good enough to marry me 48 years ago (next week). Some people set out on a ‘through hike’ (perhaps the Alps Walk or Appalachian Trail) thinking to complete a really long walk. Fifty years with you walking beside me is the real thing. People often say they love someone ‘to the moon and back’ but we have probably walked together something rather like like that distance in our nearly 20,000 days together – anyway several times around the world. I am hoping we can toddle along together a little further yet awhile as it is the best of all possible lives.

01/02/2021: Useful Advice: How to survive three days in the wild:

30/01/2021: A land animal as big as a blue whale:

28/01/2021: Handy Tool:

26/01/2021: Instant Underpants. Just add water. Great idea:

20/01/2021: This is a really great tip: Turn kitchen scissors into good Kevlar shears in seconds: Basically you roughen the edge (not the cutting edge) with a grinder so the scissors ‘catch’ the slippery Kevlar fibre. Now you can think about making your own carbon/kevlar canoe. I am:

19/01/2021: Relax This Morning With Dancing Birds:

18/01/2021: A Burial so Poignant:

15/01/2021: Save This Brave Pigeon:

04/01/2021: Grand Teton National Park –all those moose: a hunting opportunity this must be:

26/12/2020: A Very Big Bang 1600 Light Years Long:

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