Dinner Expedition Planning at Jeeralang:

That’s a map of the Mitchell on Matt’s phone, the (white) Tyvek tent between me and Spot, the Brasslite stove sitting on an upturned plastic bowl (a 19 gram leveling aid I am trying out) next to the box of Kiwifruit, my camo vest on the back of the chair, two magnifying glasses we have …

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Water: Rivers in the Sky: NEVER die of thirst:

Surprisingly perhaps that’s where the world’s largest rivers are. Extracting this humidity from the atmosphere is not necessarily that difficult. In the Atacama Desert in South America there are whole towns which garner their water supply from dew/fog screens which harvest humidity . Pliny the Elder wrote of desert island (Hiero in the Canaries) …

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‘Supercharging’ LED torches:

Single AA or AAA LED torches are impressive enough with their 100/150 lumens output on a single 1.5 volt battery but these Cree LEDs on which they run are usually designed to run on 3 or more volts which means you usually can run them with either the AA (14500) or AAA (10440) sized lithium …

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Tent Lanterns

I have long used Fenix’s LD01 torch for this purpose, which I now see they have upgraded (the new LD02 model giving approx 20% more light on the brightest setting). It has three settings: 8, 25 and 100 ANSI lumens. The reflector is Loktited on and needs some careful work to unscrew it for the …

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Spot’s Hunting Adventures #1: Mystery River

I needed to give the ‘Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter’ (I posted about here: ) a little practical test. What could be a better opportunity than the coldest June night since I was born, I thought. Combining Google Earth and the GMA maps showing where it is lawful to hunt deer, ( I thought …

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Emergency (No-Cook) Hiking/Survival food, hopefully NOT such a by-product as in the film ‘Soylent Green’ (Book: “make Room! Make Room! Harry Harrison); 459 gram sachet = 2000 calories: ‘Soylent is a simple, efficient and affordable drink that possesses what a body needs to be healthy. Soylent is a new option for maintaining a balanced state …

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Hiking for Voyeurs

Following hot on the heels of ‘Wild’, Bill Bryson’s ‘A Walk in the Woods’ is soon to hit the big screen with Robert Redford in the starring cast. Della will want to see this. I admit I enjoyed the book, though I suspect I would enjoy the walk even more, so long as too many …

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Keychain goodies:

Spyderco Bug Knife (1 1/8” blade): add this to your Photon Freedom Micro (torch) and Verbatim Store’n’go Micro USB Drive (now in 32 Gb) on your keychain. There are so many other keychain knives to choose from though, eg: Of course you CAN have it all-in-one with Victorinox Swiss Flash LED 16GB!

Survival Laces

Put a fire starting kit on your feet. When out in the wilderness, it can be a good idea to take along a backup fire-maker, just in case your matches get damp or rubbing sticks gets you nowhere. With this in mind, Survival Laces include a small fire starting kit, and some fishing line too, …

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Hiking Food: McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups

McKenzie’s Quick Cook Soups (180 grams per packet). We tried the first of these, Hearty Vegetable tonight. I expected it would need a bit of spicing up but it did not; it was excellent. HIGHLY recommended. Also discovered that you can thicken a soup (and add nutrition) by stirring in some Continental (Deb) Mashed Potato …

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The Ideal Pack

PACKS: A comfy pack will certainly make the difference between a hiking experience being enjoyable and its being a nightmare you are not going to want to repeat. When I was a young teenager I started out with an old ex-army framed pack which was hideously uncomfortable as soon as you put any weight in …

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Wirilda Track

A couple of delightful hours yesterday afternoon. The lower half of the track follows the one of the original Morwell water supply pipelines. There were/are a series of weirs (lowest shown) on the Tyers River long since replaced by the much larger Moondarra Dam. The first pipeline was wooden – you can see the carefully …

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Dusky Track Adventures #1

I have been on this track now EIGHT times, first in March 2000; the last time April 2014. I hope it is NOT the last! Other folk go different places, I know, yet I keep returning to this magical place. (I go SOME other places too!) One reason I guess is I really like the …

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Dave Canterbury:

‘ Good Judgement Comes From Wisdom, Wisdom Comes From Experience, Experience Comes From Poor Judgement’

Upper Yarra Track – Winter Update:

Spot and I planned to finish checking out the Upper yarra Track on Sunday, but we had to defer as seasonal road closures have come into force. The gates now have all these nice new signs on them. Perhaps someone at DSE has been noting my posts. Now we have dates for the road closures …

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Water: Survival Still

Four methods for purifying water when hiking: Method 3   NB: On the Kon Tiki they drank a ‘shandy’ (for two months) of 40% seawater 60% fresh water with NO ill effects. As soon as you realise there is a shortage of water, add your own urine to your fresh water supply to extend it. …

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This guy is RIGHT: One way to prevent heel blisters is to learn to tie your shoes differently, eg: One other thing is sure, as soon as the skin on your feet starts to warm up, pop on a blister pad – available from pharmacies. Always carry some! See also:

BACKPACK GEAR TEST: Dry sacks follow up:

Folks at this website field test various hiking gear and write a detailed report about it. This is a very useful resource to consult before you launch into parting with some of your hard-earned on the latest new bit of gear For example, here are some reviews of the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano …

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DRY BAGS: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano:

Your choice with dry bags can save you quite a few grams. Without them, you could have some sadly wet gear and maybe a disastrous trip. You need to check the seam sealing on the inside of the bags before each trip to ensure they remain waterproof. If you have any doubt, pour a few …

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ZPacks Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent:

NEW Model: ( I see Joe and Sheryl have added a cross-over ‘vestibule’ to their new model of ‘our’ tent. I had been thinking of extending the beak on ours down a bit as a storm flap, and to add a bit of vestibule room. This crossover design is clever, and eliminates the need for …

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