Upper Yarra Track – Winter Update:

Spot and I planned to finish checking out the Upper yarra Track on Sunday, but we had to defer as seasonal road closures have come into force. The gates now have all these nice new signs on them. Perhaps someone at DSE has been noting my posts. Now we have dates for the road closures …

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Water: Survival Still

Four methods for purifying water when hiking: Method 3   NB: On the Kon Tiki they drank a ‘shandy’ (for two months) of 40% seawater 60% fresh water with NO ill effects. As soon as you realise there is a shortage of water, add your own urine to your fresh water supply to extend it. …

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This guy is RIGHT: One way to prevent heel blisters is to learn to tie your shoes differently, eg: One other thing is sure, as soon as the skin on your feet starts to warm up, pop on a blister pad – available from pharmacies. Always carry some! See also:

BACKPACK GEAR TEST: Dry sacks follow up:

Folks at this website field test various hiking gear and write a detailed report about it. This is a very useful resource to consult before you launch into parting with some of your hard-earned on the latest new bit of gear For example, here are some reviews of the Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Nano …

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DRY BAGS: Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Nano:

Your choice with dry bags can save you quite a few grams. Without them, you could have some sadly wet gear and maybe a disastrous trip. You need to check the seam sealing on the inside of the bags before each trip to ensure they remain waterproof. If you have any doubt, pour a few …

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ZPacks Hexamid Solo-Plus Tent:

NEW Model: ( I see Joe and Sheryl have added a cross-over ‘vestibule’ to their new model of ‘our’ tent. I had been thinking of extending the beak on ours down a bit as a storm flap, and to add a bit of vestibule room. This crossover design is clever, and eliminates the need for …

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Col Townsend Whelen’s Forester Tent

(Bradford Angier 1958): ‘If you need to cut weight or cost, the Forester tent is a good solution. It’s one of the best tents ever devised for a chronic woods loafer, particularly for one who yearns to live close to nature and who objects to spending any of his or her outdoor hours confined in …

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Rail Trails Our taxes have been busily at work creating these lately. There are now some really long ones Some could be combined with an existing hiking trail to make an interesting loop walk, eg the George Bass Coastal Walk and the Bass Coast Rail Trail: &

Amazing Torch 4.5 GRAMS!

Pak-Lite Pilot LED Flashlight : Great emergency/hiking light; 80+ hours on the brightest setting and 1200+ HOURS on the lowest from a 9V battery at 45 grams (including alkaline battery) 38.5 grams (lithium) plus a 10 year shelf life. White and red LED. Also comes with a headband. Some folk have hiked the entire Pacific …

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South Coast track Fiordland NZ: Waitutu Forest Fiordland: Warm Air Pockets

One of the things which most surprised us about this beautiful forest was how warm generally it is – around 3-4C WARMER than nearby Invercargill, so very similar to Southern Victoria. I saw little difference between food growing in our hosts vegie garden at the Waitutu Lodge than you would find here. We lived …

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South Coast Track Fiordland NZ: Westie’s Hut: Topo Map Errors

Westies Hut, Price’s Harbour, Fiordland NZ. I have encountered this once or twice before (also with the Australian series): Westies Hut, at the end of the South Coast Track is marked in the WRONG position in the DOC and Linz topo maps. It is actually located at the WESTERN end of Price’s Harbour, as a …

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Gorge River Fiordland #2

  Further to yesterday’s post about the latter day ‘Wilderness family’, mayhap you have a yen to visit them in their refuge? You CAN walk all the way from the end of the road South of Haast ie Cascade River, down to & along the coast, past Gorge River, then chose to fly out from …

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THRILLING TALES #6: New Zealand’s Remotest Family

A Life on Gorge River: Kindle edition: Also see (his & hers versions) Above: the Long family home Gorge River South of Haast in remote Sth Westland Fiordland NZ. See: New Lives in the Wild – Ben Fogle: Series 1 Episode 3: ‘The adventurer travels to the west coast of New …

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Rain Kilt

On our recent walk on the South Coast Track NZ this interesting zpacks innovation worked really well for me, keeping me warm (but not too) and dry above the knees, and providing a dry seat whenever I wanted to rest on a log. At 54 grams you are hardly going to notice it in your …

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Hot Lips

What a useful product: I’m sure we have all burned our lips on a billy or tin cup. This product will end that. It just clips onto the rolled edge of the billy giving you an insulated surface. Weighs 1-2 grams. Very useful eg with Evernew’s Titanium Sierra Cup (Weight 63.5 grams) – which might …

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Peanut Butter Toast Soldiers

I must say that when our kids were tiny they ate lashings of PB (Peanut Buttter)with no thought (from us) that it might be bad for them. Indeed I was astonished to learn there WAS such a thing as PB allergy (Is there?) AND that Statists insisted that PB be banned from kids’ lunches etc. …

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Miso soup:

  Is it possible to like this stuff if you force yourself to eat it often enough or does it forever taste like (I Imagine) cocky cack? Only persistence will tell. I wonder is it like olives (an acquired taste)…Perhaps another cup again soon? Argh! Still it is only 6 grams for 19 calories, and …

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An excellent one person tent.

This looks like an excellent one person tent: A 1 person, 3 season tent weighing from 570 grams (20 oz) Available in Green 40D silnylon or Green 20D silpoly Foot panel door/vent option Bathtub height increased to 125mm (5″) Side panel tie-outs fitted as standard 180 UK pounds (Mar 2018)

Straws Into Containers

  Making drinking straws into mini containers: Now that is a genius idea: ‘Place the straw over the opening of the ointment tube and carefully squeeze in a small amount of the ointment that is approximately one quarter of an inch in length. You’ll notice that transparent straws work best for this. Use you …

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Don’t let old age stop you.

Someone quipped to me just yesterday. ‘Old age is not for sissies!’ Boy, you’re not just ‘whistling Dixie’! The young just wouldn’t be up to this shit! But their turn will come. Most of my (old) friends are either already dead or might as well be, creeping safely towards the grave as they have been …

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