Hot Lips

What a useful product: I’m sure we have all burned our lips on a billy or tin cup. This product will end that. It just clips onto the rolled edge of the billy giving you an insulated surface. Weighs 1-2 grams. Very useful eg with Evernew’s Titanium Sierra Cup (Weight 63.5 grams) – which might …

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Water Filter: the Sawyer Mini

The Wisdom of Age: until recently I did not know that (either Gideon was left-handed or) he did not have the arthritis I have which has (by now) so twisted some of the fingers particularly on my right hand that I find it difficult to hold water in my cupped hand to drink (so you can …

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DIY Side Burner Metho Stove

The Ray Garlington Yet Another Coke Can (YACC) Stove Got 5 minutes, a coke can, and a pair of scissors? If so give this little stove a try. It is easy to make, and uses only one can. Also, the pot sits right on top, so it doesn’t need a  pot stand. Just add a …

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Carman’s – Great Hiking Food

Two new recommendations: Breakfast/Trail: Carman’s Cranberry Apple & Nut Crunchy Clusters (needs no milk) & Snack: Carman’s Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Bar. Both these have the ‘Low GI’ tick meaning (both) that they are suitable for folks with diabetes (or helping prevent it) and that they will keep you going for a long time …

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Peanut Butter Toast Soldiers

I must say that when our kids were tiny they ate lashings of PB (Peanut Buttter)with no thought (from us) that it might be bad for them. Indeed I was astonished to learn there WAS such a thing as PB allergy (Is there?) AND that Statists insisted that PB be banned from kids’ lunches etc. …

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Miso soup:

  Is it possible to like this stuff if you force yourself to eat it often enough or does it forever taste like (I Imagine) cocky cack? Only persistence will tell. I wonder is it like olives (an acquired taste)…Perhaps another cup again soon? Argh! Still it is only 6 grams for 19 calories, and …

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Hiking Food: Peasant Bread

Peasant Bread Is The Best and Easiest Bread You Will Ever Make. Will have to try this:

Hiking Food: Bulgur Wheat

Hiking Food: There are quite a few suggestions and recipes below. I admit I hadn’t thought of using bulgur as an alternative to rice, pasta, couscous, etc, but it does have a different taste, so I will try it out. This site has some ready-made recipes which look very tasty: Pictured Della’s Tabouli: See …

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Straws Into Containers

  Making drinking straws into mini containers: Now that is a genius idea: ‘Place the straw over the opening of the ointment tube and carefully squeeze in a small amount of the ointment that is approximately one quarter of an inch in length. You’ll notice that transparent straws work best for this. Use you …

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Hiking Food: Creamy Vegetable Spelt

Hiking food again: Ainsley Harriott ‘Creamy Vegetable Spelt’: THIS was quite delicious (so long as you have eg a Brasslite stove to simmer it on for @ 20 minutes). 150 GRAMS = 568 calories (3.78:1). If you feel you might need more protein, a sachet of tuna, 100 gram can of ham etc might be …

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Buying Gear Online

If you have difficulty buying stuff online, check out They are just great. You can (for example) buy that stuff on Amazon (which has free US shipping but which they won’t send to Oz) and have Shipito forward it (very cheaply). We do this all the time. We usually use Shipito’s cheapest freight rates …

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Hiking Food: Protein

Hiking food, an occasional series: if you are an omnivore like me, you probably have at least occasional lusts for venal delights (hiking food, folks!) The trick to satisfying these is to do so without spoilage/food poisoning…’Hans Twiggies’ are a staple with us (eg chopped & added to ‘Four Cheeses’ pasta) as they require no …

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Hiking Food: Cup a Soup

Hiking food: Continental Sensations Cup a Soup: ‘Sweet Potato with Bacon & Cream’ IS delicious. Pop one in YOUR day-pack!

Hiking Food:

We are always adding to our repertoire of hiking food: On our last trip Della’s dehydrated savoury mince added to Continental Dehydrated Potato Mash reconstituted to a very acceptable ‘Shepherd’s Pie’ for example. Lately we have been trying out several dehydrated lentil meals. Coles have several under the name, ‘Celebrate Health’ (eg Indian Marsala Lentils …

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Hiking Food: Soup

I am currently trying Ainsley Harriott’s Southern Cajun Gumbo Cup of Soup for breakfast. Yum! Some people ask what food I take hiking. This is too hard a question for ONE post but here’s a tip which also works well for a snack or lunch. Combine a sachet of 2 minute noodles sans flavour sachet …

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World Travel Kit

When my son was planning to go backpacking overseas I made this list of essential items for him to have in his pack. A useful list for anyone who is interested in ultralight backpacking. ———– You need to start ordering around six months ahead as some items may take a while to be made/arrive. It would be …

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