Yarra Falls

An Excursion to the Upper Yarra Falls:

This was a three part article in the  Leader Melbourne, Vic, Saturday 15, 22 & 29 November 1884, The Contributor: ‘By G’ kindly provided by Thomas Osburg of Yarra Ranges Bush Camp. Much of it is incredible, to say the least. The author has explained the value of solitude and the preservation of wilderness so …

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Yarra Falls Shelter House:

A reader has located the ruins of this magical place and forwarded some wonderful photos: ‘It is on the South West side of the junction fairly high up, where the tree ferns diminish (beneath one of the highest on the edge of the spur). It is extremely difficult to find and you could walk within …

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Yarra Falls Shelter House:

Anyone searching for this ‘lost’ ruin may be helped by these ‘new‘ photos which have just come to light, and these wonderful historical accounts. The three photos show the old hut. I presume the new hut was built very close by it. They show the hut to be much further up the ridge (not near …

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Secrets of the Yarra: Walsh’s Creek & Yarra Falls:

Now underneath the Upper Yarra Dam Walsh’s Creek was once one of the delights of walking the Upper Yarra Track .You can get some idea of how beautiful it once was from these old photos kindly sent to me  by Thomas Osburg. See: http://finnsheep.com/THE%20UPPER%20YARRA%20WALKING%20TRACK.htm And this was McVeigh’s Hotel at the junction of the Yarra …

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Yarra Falls 3

There are some amazing wilderness areas in Victoria. Some maybe only a half dozen living eyes have seen. Such as this. People have been forbidden to venture here since c1955. This is the junction of Falls Creek and the Yarra River forwarded to me by an anonymous reader. Falls Creek is seen entering from the …

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Upper Yarra Track: Early Visits to Yarra Falls:

  The Argus Melbourne Wednesday 21 December 1904: UPPER YARRA FALLS, A.J.Campbell Junction of Yarra and Falls Creek (1905) Interesting but rarelv visited scenes are to be found at the upper sources of the Yarra between Mount Baw Baw and the main Dividing Range The locality has never been completely surveyed and many of the …

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Yarra Falls 2

A reader writes: ‘Spent another seven hours yesterday pushing ever closer to this ‘lost’ treasure. From the top fall, the prostrate scrub was unbelievably thick for the next kilometre or so. I was wondering whether I should give up. I guess I spent three hours hacking my way through it, then after about another kilometre …

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Yarra Falls (1928)

Yarra Falls (1928). Further efforts to uncover this ‘lost’ treasure are needed:

Upper Yarra Track: Some History

Upper Yarra Track: Some History: http://parkweb.vic.gov.au/…/pdf_file/0017/313181/22_2158.pdf Upper Yarra Track: A Rare Treat: in digital form a facsimile of Annie Hoffa’s 1929 book, ‘The Real Thing, Adventures in the Australian Bush’ detailing her 1928 solo walk from Walhalla to Warburton. Sadly, Dr Yoffa was murdered by a madman (whose name weirdly enough was also Jones – …

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Mystery Falls First Cascade (1 of 6). This minor fall plunges approx 20 metres.

Yarra Falls

A reader writes: ‘We decided to use the day searching for the lost ‘Yarra’ Falls. Quite a lot of bush bashing (nearly three hours in, one and a quarter out) brought us to the top of the first cascade, No #1 of SIX (!) which plummet hundreds of metres down the valley!) Perhaps Victoria’s greatest …

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The Upper Yarra Walking Track

The Upper Yarra Walking Track, Australia’s oldest (& best), an approx. ten day walk with numerous resupply points, plentiful water and camping spots now extending from Moe Railway Station @ 208kilometres up the Latrobe, Tyers & Thomson River valleys, via Yallourn North, Erica & Walhalla, across the Baw Baw Plateau, along the Upper Thomson River, …

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