My wife Della & I (combined age then 120) heading off from Freney Lagoon on the second day of our walk across Tasmania in 2011. We took seven days. Between us we were carrying around 20 kilos at the start which included enough food for 10 days obviously with me carrying about two-thirds of that. These days we carry several kilos less than that for the same length trip!

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Hi, my name is Steve Jones. Welcome! I am a semi-retired sheep farmer in Gippsland Victoria, Australia. This page is a ‘work in progress’. Here I have collected some things I have written over the last few years about hiking/camping/canoeing/farming/nature observations etc. I will be adding to it on a regular basis with new photos, adventures, product/ideas, suggestions and so on…

Please do not judge this site too harshly. This is not a commercial site, nor do I have any staff or 20,000 members – such as a similar site might have. This is all just my own (part-time) work. I appreciate the positive comments and encouragement though – and the ‘likes’ on The Ultralight Hiker – Facebook Page Please Keep them up!

This is a new version of my older website, Ultralight Hiking (Far Right on the menu Bar – you may prefer reading it – as you can just scroll down). I am currently in the process of bringing over older posts, editing, adding photos etc. There are over 950 posts now. I expect there will be over 1000 when I have finished that process. Together with my other sites there are well over 2,000 unique A4 pages for you to read, and (I hope) enjoy!

In the meantime, if you would like to read more you can go to my old site, a page of advice here: Hiking Advice Third on the Menu Bar, THE UPPER YARRA TRACK & TRACK INSTRUCTIONS if you are interested in walking Victoria’s greatest track! There are also links to other pages of mine’sBlog.htm (if you don’t mind a bit of politics!) and – if you are interested in sheep.

An interesting way to explore the site is to use the ‘Search’ facility at the top right hand corner. Try typing a word there (eg ‘Food’) and see what surprising things it finds…I can see I need to add lots more photos (and links)! I am working on it!

I have been hiking, hunting, canoeing etc now for over sixty years, and am still doing so – though a little more slowly than I once did. I am (now) a retired farmer in Gippsland, Victoria and have spent very many years walking in the Victorian Alps & elsewhere (more often than not in winter) and in every different weather – on average every other weekend for at least the last thirty years. I hope to be able to continue my rambling for some time to come.

I have camped out a lot, more than two years plus of my life in total (many thanks to my wife and my kids for that indulgence). I have often seen the failure of just about every type of gear, and experienced just about every disaster which can befall you in the wilderness, and survived.

So, if you dream of doing a bit of camping or hiking, perhaps I can offer some useful advice? I hope you find something interesting and/or helpful here.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    I’m really enjoying reading your posts, it’s clear you’re very experienced in the outdoors and your passion shows through your work.
    Thanks for all the information!

    • Thank you Justin. Hope you enjoy deer hunting. I am working on a new story tonight. I may finish it tomorrow – or the next day. There is still so much other work to do. It is called, ‘A Wild River Stag’.

  2. Gday Steve, would love to hear more about how the western tyres is going and if any progress has been made since this post was put up.

    • Hi Brent, Sorry for the slow reply. Computer problems. I haven’t done any more work up there since my last post. I hope to clear the tracks between Western Tyers and Caringal and Palmers to Growlers over summer. Maybe do some clearing along the Tyers River for canoeing too. Being nearly 70 I don’t get a lot done. Cheers, Steve.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I have just discovered your wonderful blog. My wife and I recently opened a lightweight outdoor gear store so to read about your ultralight adventures is fantastic. We also live in Gippsland (Phillip Island) and are keen to make contact with you. Please visit our website and contact through

  4. Great posts so far, New Zealand’s Fjordland looks amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog, exploringtheearth. I look forward to more from you, cheers!

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