All You Ever Need to Know About Tarps:

As you probably know I eschew (conventional) tents. I like to be able to see out, to catch the breeze, to enjoy a warm fire out the front in cold weather, etc. I favour a tarp which keeps the weather out on three sides yet offers a sheltering verandah on the fourth such as my Siligloo and Deer Hunters Tent and Pocket Poncho Tent.

The simplest version of this though, as I have said many times is a simple 8′ x 8′ square of silnylon or cuben which can be erected a number of different ways depending on circumstances, number of occupants, etc. In fact 7′ x 7′ is the minimum, but 8′ is better. This need only weigh around 150 grams, and can also be used as a hammock tarp, as here:

Mine has served me well for many years and kept me dry and snug in all sorts of horrible weather, weather in which sometimes other died for the want of such a simple shelter: See Also:

This guy has an interesting blog post about tarps which you might enjoy: Here is an archived version as the website is down just now:

One of my favourite DIY tarps is Ray Jardine’s & Ray also has just about the best detailed explanation of why you should choose a tarp over a tent you will see anywhere. One of Ray (and Jenny’s) tarps will weigh 338 grams (11.89  oz) and cost from US$79.35 (Dec 2017) plus an enjoyable evening’s evening’s sewing..

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