Stop Losing Your Pillow

Does your pillow creep away from you during the night – or do you sometimes lose it altogether in the dark? I know I do. Here is a method of preventing that for a weight penalty of 1-2 grams. Well worth it. i think it is self-explanatory. I have just tied a piece of 1 mm dyneema to the tabs on either side of their excellent Exped pillow (which I strongly recommend), and included a micro cord lock to cinch it up and secure it. The same method will work with other inflatable pillow such as Klymit’s. They are all made with a heat-sealable material so that a hot iron will create a tab on each side (if there isn’t one) to which you can affix a (very small) grommet – available from Spotlight or haberdashery shops generally. You could do the same sort of thing with the Graham Air for an even more ultralight alternative.

PS: Some people use a spare garment (eg a t-shirt) to do this, placing both the end of their mat and the pillow in it.

PPS: The above arrangement will work better with a length of 1/2″ gross grain ribbon and a plastic buckle (which will not come loose like a cord lock)

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2 thoughts on “Stop Losing Your Pillow”

  1. You champ!!! Have been stuffing my sea to summit pillow in any left over clothing at night and sliding over klymit mat!!!!
    Just iron a tab??? Will give it a go 😳

    1. Yep. Just use the iron you iron your clothes with. Just make sure that it seals and that you don’t burn through the material – so not too little and not too much ironing. Then a grommet, string and cord lock. You can mend a split seam with the iron in just the same way.

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