The Last of the Mountain Men:

Isn’t this the feeling everyone who ventures far from track or trail is seeking: the freedom of the wilderness, the exultation of the hills, the distant roar of rapids, the whistle of wind in the trees, the ubiquitous echo of … Continued

Honey, I Shrank the Tent:

I thought I would make a slightly smaller ‘Decagon’ tent. It turned out to be over 250 grams lighter than the original model. See: It makes a tent which is still over 9’ x 7’6” (270 cm x 225cm) … Continued

Flying Tent: All-In-One Hammock, Tent, Poncho, Backpack at 1.2 kg:

This looks like an interesting concept. If you have US$319 in loose change you might book yourself one of these. 7 second set-up sounds great. Check out its specs below. Almost too good to believe: & Other hammock … Continued

The Importance of a Roof:

Getting dry, staying dry, that’s what survival comes down to. Alan Remnant pilot and Owner of Wings on Water, Te Anau, Fiordland ( who has flown me in to Supper Cove so many times (one of the world’s greatest trips) … Continued

The Deer Hunter’s Tent:

I decided it was time to upgrade my Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter ( into something much better and which could accommodate two – and dogs! I also wanted to use my ‘Holeless Poncho ( as the floor. Such instructions as … Continued

Australian Outfitter:

This is great news. In the depth of Tasmania there is an Aussie Outfitter and cottage manufacturer who can supply a myriad of interesting stuff which you previously had to wait ages for from the US etc – and at … Continued

Tent Stakes and Tricks:

Give some thought to your tent pegs. Your tent won’t be anything without them, or without good ones – and they can weigh nearly as much as the tent! In windy weather tie your tent stakes to your guy by … Continued

New Decagon Octagon Tyvek Igloo Tent Design:

I am really pleased with this new tent as I have solved the problem of how to construct a pyramid tent without zips and which has a verandah to completely exclude the rain. It is a huge tent. As you … Continued

Catenary Cut Tarp:

Looking for an ultralight sewing project? Six Moon Designs have this excellent free pattern for a cat cut tarp complete with insect netting plus sewing instructions: A number of others are available if you look for them, eg here: … Continued

Catenary Curves:

They are the solution to tarp/tent problems. I have known about them for so long and done nothing. Well, yesterday I was having a problem getting my new project, a Tyvek octagon/decagon shelter to sit properly. I created the curve … Continued

500 Gram Tents:

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On Massdrop this morning Big Sky’s Wisp one person tent @ 567 grams (300 grams in Cuben!) for US $159.99 & US$11.75 postage: This has got to be good value, and must start to make you question why you … Continued


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This an interesting, innovative concept. It provides a huge shelter area for a small weight spend (18 oz – 513g in Silnylon; 11oz – 313g in Cuben) . Could be good for a small group of hunters. I think you should … Continued

New Tyvek ‘Forester’ Tent Design:

I have been playing with Col. Whelen’s famous ‘Forester’ Tent design: I have certainly come to the conclusion that the classic A-frame tent sloping away to the back has seldom been bettered. I reduced some of his dimensions and … Continued

Clearview tent:

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It is nice to be able to gaze out into the woods when camping. An open tarp shelter ( or a cuben tent ( such as I use facilitates this, or you might try building a clearview tent as in … Continued

Tarp Bathtub Groundsheet:

This is an interesting concept and should be easy enough to emulate in Tyvek. I had already tried to shape a groundcloth so the sides stood up like this, but without pegs or other supports it was less than perfect. … Continued

Inflatable Space Blanket Quilt:

Inflatable Space Blanket: I applaud this chap’s ingenuity. I have purchased two space blankets and some ‘Gel Grip’ contact adhesive (works well on mylar) and a baby food juice container for the valve and intend (time permitting) to construct an … Continued

Dyneema Braid:

  Most fisherman already know this stuff is around and is replacing nylon monofilament, but you may not. I bought this .34mm lineit to make a method of securing my hearing aids against loss. (See: & I may … Continued

World’s Lightest Tarp Clip:

  You can buy these approx 1” polystyrene balls from Spotlight for @ $2.40 for 20. They weigh about .2 gram each. You can carry a few of these in your repair/fishing kit (along with some string, eg 1-2mm Dyneema) … Continued

A Further Use for Drinking Straws:

Emergency fire starter storage: This is a top idea. It is also easy to do. All you need is some drinking straws, a pair of needle nosed pliers and a lighter.   See also: See also:

Fun with Sticky Tape: Mylar Poncho:

49 grams and five minutes that may Save your Life: Follow the instructions here:  As you can see you can sit down against a tree in front of a fire wearing it and be perfectly dry – with a … Continued