Year: 2013

Camper / Defender Upgrades

29/12/2013: Have fitted a second pair of heavy duty shocks to the rear of the old Defender. That seems to have finally settled the camper down so that it is just like driving a car now. Looking forward to our next trip! Update: There is now a new instant gas water heater for campers which …

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Hiking Pants

A pair of hiking pants which you can wear for 365 days and even sleep in which weigh 75 grams and a raincoat that you can ALSO sleep in @ 123 grams. That’s REAL weight saving: & Update: I bought a pair of these as a dry change pair and for sleeping in – …

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57kg Motorbike

250cc Motorbike which weighs 57kg:

New Knife

    I received one of these knives for Xmas. Johnson Adventure® Piggyback®. It is just brilliant: overall weight 36.5g, knife only 27.5g (US$12.27). Blade is definitely thick enough and strong enough to split kindling though its big brother, the ‘Zombie Acheron’ has a slightly longer blade. It would definitely butcher a sambar deer or …

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Scanpan Knife

As mentioned in an earlier post 04/11/2013, I have ordered a heap of ‘hiking’ knives which might best be used to split wet firewood to create dry kindling & ‘excelsior’, but yesterday found THIS ‘Scanpan’ one on sale in Aussie Disposals for $5.95! Weighing a mere 47 grams (including a VERY secure sheath) it will …

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Waterproof Split-Toe Socks?

Waterproof split-toe socks: you would THINK the Japanese (& others) who wear nothing but thongs would have long since invented them, but it seems they do NOT exist! However, I have modified my ultralight thongs into ultralight adjustable ‘thandels’ (@ 61 grams per pair) so that I can wear them with my seal skin waterproof …

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Self-Winding Watch

A SELF-WINDING watch! How I used to lust for such a treasure when I was a kid. I finally snagged one a couple of years ago for $200 and was over the moon. Quartz watches for some reason make me itchy and I haven’t seen a wind-up one for some time. This guy has Seiko …

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Titanium Ultralight Stove

This guy’s ultralight stove set-ups are astonishing. Imagine a wood stove which weighs 22 grams! Or a Titanium version of the ‘Bushbuddy’ ( that weighs only 78 grams! For the real ultralighter, there is a 2-fuel pot and stove combo that weighs 45 grams! Comparable products are Trail Design’s Ti Tri ( and Evernew’s …

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The Last Trapper 2004

Watched the movie/documentary, ‘The Last Trapper’ (2004) tonight. Well worth a look. It certainly reminds me of why I still push for multi-day wilderness hiking trips – if you have never done such a thing, you should. (Put it on your bucket list! At least!). We are planning several days hiking out of Supper Cove, …

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Single AAA Head Torch

I see Fenix has a new SINGLE AAA head torch, the HL 10 ( weighing 42.5 grams including the head elastic. I have been using their LD 01 coupled with a couple of O-rings, one micro-cord lock and some hat elastic for this purpose but this arrangement doesn’t point well (due to the shape of …

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Mountain Men Films

I am laid up recuperating from spinal surgery so I am ‘festing” on these. Some of those mountain men were tough, eg Hugh Glass. There is an excellent 1971 movie loosely based on his life, ‘Man in the Wilderness’ I have just watched again…Glass  found himself abandoned, without weapons or equipment. He had festering wounds, …

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Pack Weight Reduction Tips

Though still a bit stiff and sore (I think mainly from the VERY hot walk on Wednesday afternoon) I am pretty happy to be still able to walk 20+km a day carrying a pack (even in fairly rugged country). Of course it helps if you can reduce the weight of the contents of your pack …

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To The Lighthouse

We recently hiked 43km over two days (one hot, one wet and cold) to and from the Wilson’s Prom Light Station. Today we are a bit stiff and sore (I think mainly from the VERY hot walk on Wednesday afternoon) I am pretty happy to be still able to walk 20+km a day carrying a pack …

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Shoe Innersoles

Thinking seriously about investing in some better insoles to improve hiking comfort: & PS: Check whether they absorb water before you use them in the wild. I tried a pair which added more than 200 grams to each foot when wet.

Canoeing the Macalister

We spent yesterday (5 ½ hours) white water canoeing on the Macalister River in our new ‘Old Town Pack Angler’ canoes which worked wonderfully. What was not so wonderful was that our JR, Tiny fell out of Della’s canoe unnoticed on an entertaining 1 metre drop. When we stopped a couple of km further on …

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Waterproof Snaplock Bags

Aloksak make really great waterproof to 200 metres snaplock bags. This one is even big enough to put your rifle in (great for canoeing/boating/hunting trips). It is the only waterproof gun bag I know of:

Alcohol Simmer Stoves

Alcohol simmer stoves: these Brasslite stoves are GREAT – I have the ‘Turbo 1-D’ (47 grams) and the ‘Trailbaker’: Aaron now makes leg extensions for them to improve stability. these would be excellent providing you can fit them in your pot (Check!) PS: These make a great gift. They are cheap, attractive and beautifully …

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Lightweight Fishing Rods & Reels

If you are interested in hiking/fishing, these lightweight rods and reels are interesting too ( and these are just about the best hand casters in the world: See also:

Lightweight Hiking Links

Interested in lightweight HIKING? This set of Links will set you off on some wonderful adventures… eg Brasslite alcohol stoves, down booties, Rutalocura products inc carbon fibre trekking poles & Tenkara fly rods for same, pack rifles, etc: Titanium Goat has some wonderful products including lightweight stoves for warming winter tents (from @ 750 …

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Hiking Food: Cup a Soup

Hiking food: Continental Sensations Cup a Soup: ‘Sweet Potato with Bacon & Cream’ IS delicious. Pop one in YOUR day-pack!