Interesting New Windscreen

A reader drew my attention to this interesting piece of parallel evolution. The X-Boil is a roll-up windscreen very similar to my roll-up titanium stove which I posted about here a year earlier than the X-Boil. I made later modifications to it in posts here and here, though until last week when Craig alerted me to it I had never heard of X-Boil. I have copied the photo of it from their site – I hope they don’t mind – I don’t speak (or write) German.

X-Boil Stove

It has an interesting button-loop closure which is another solution to the hook and eye type ‘chimney’ closure I finally settled on. I think the latter has perhaps slightly less ‘give’ in it which may be preferable in the field.

X-Boil has come up with some added ventilation options (which Craig seems to think mine needs), though I have not as yet found this myself. I have to congratulate X-Boil on the modification to the upper edge which allows for the use of a frypan. This is an outstanding idea. As a keen Ultralight Fisherman I wholly endorse this change and will incorporate it in my next model. However I think I will need to use .2mm foil (as they have I guess) to support the frypan.

X-Boil also has an interesting imaginative clip-on support for the pot. While I do not find little easy-to-lose parts a great idea – as I tend to lose them, it did suggest to me a different support mechanism which I will try out, though as I use only two 2.5 gram stakes to support my pot (and for which I can find other uses), there is not much weight saving there really. (BTW: You can also use stakes with the X-Boil).

At the three points where I want the pot supported inside the stove I will cut u- shapes of which I will fold the base of the ‘u’ inwards so its upper edge supports the pot. As this will reduce the folded circumference of the stove so that my cup may no longer fit inside it as well as inside the billy, this modification may later be abandoned.

The designers of the X-Boil seem to envisage its use mainly as a windscreen and pot support whereas mine is intended to be used as a wood-fueled stove – its chief advantage really, as it is so easy to run short of carried fuel. I often don’t bother to carry any. One of their illustrations shows a fire inside it too, but it would be difficult to refuel and maintain because of the lack of an opening for replacing the sticks. I found the same thing with the ‘Bushbuddy‘ and Caldera Cone type stoves, both of which I own – one of the main reason why I decided to make my own. Most people will use a meth or canister stove, so this should not be an issue.

The X-Boil is available from their site ( from 47.50 Euros it seems. If you are unable to make your own (for $4 – as I suggested) as I suspect most people are, you may buy one from them. It seems to be about the same weight as my original stainless steel version ie 33 grams, so it must be made of .2mm titanium foil whereas my lighter one is made from .1mm foil. It has been sufficient for many trips so far but you might want something hardier. I will just make another when my first one dies incorporating some of the improvements I see I need along the way.

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