Titanium Double Wall Wood Stove

My Father’s Day Suluk 46 TDW titanium double wall wood stove (78 grams) in operation. (Notice how cleanly it burns). WHAT a beauty! I wonder what adventures IT will share:  http://www.suluk46.com/products%20%20-%20P14%20TDW%20Stove.html See Also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/suluk-stove/

Upper Yarra Walking Track (4 Days)

  Ah, the rush to publish…Della has beaten me hands down on this one – I blame a nasty episode of Meniere’s: Foxbaits laid on our intended route, we ventured instead into the Baw Baw Nat Park (of course not telling the dogs; they were doing anything wrong – you wouldn’t want to fill them …

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1000 Fill Power Down Jackets

For next year’s winter hiking warmth there is 1000 fill power down: (http://www.thegearcaster.com/the_gearcaster/2013/02/1000-fill-power-down-jackets.html) but this ‘Mirage’ jacket @$309 should keep Della warm enough this winter: http://www.moontrail.com/mont-bell-mirage-parka.php PS: Check out the freebies ($100 worth on this jacket) at Moontrail: they are a good company to buy hiking gear from. Tip: you may need a ‘shipito’ address …

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Thomson River Canoe Trip 2006 Video

Here is the unedited video I took with my (alas late) friend Steven Cleaver canoeing this wonderful river in 2006. It had somehow vanished from this website – how alarming! As a foretaste, here is Steve powering down one of the Thomson’s signature rapids: