DIY Side Burner Metho Stove

The Ray Garlington Yet Another Coke Can (YACC) Stove Got 5 minutes, a coke can, and a pair of scissors? If so give this little stove a try. It is easy to make, and uses only one can. Also, the pot sits right on top, so it doesn’t need a  pot stand. Just add a …

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Weather for Fiordland

WEATHER: The GFS (US Weather Bureau ‘Global Forecasting Service) forecast for Jeeralang Junction has had yesterday at Jeeralang Junction involving 44mm of rain for the past FORTNIGHT! Yesterday we received 44mm of rain. Our own BOM had us has having none until approx 7:00pm the day before and then suggested 1-10mm. The difference is almost …

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Titanium Double Wall Wood Stove

My Father’s Day Suluk 46 TDW titanium double wall wood stove (78 grams) in operation. (Notice how cleanly it burns). WHAT a beauty! I wonder what adventures IT will share:  http://www.suluk46.com/products%20%20-%20P14%20TDW%20Stove.html See Also: http://www.theultralighthiker.com/suluk-stove/

Upper Yarra Walking Track (4 Days)

  Ah, the rush to publish…Della has beaten me hands down on this one – I blame a nasty episode of Meniere’s: Foxbaits laid on our intended route, we ventured instead into the Baw Baw Nat Park (of course not telling the dogs; they were doing anything wrong – you wouldn’t want to fill them …

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1000 Fill Power Down Jackets

For next year’s winter hiking warmth there is 1000 fill power down: (http://www.thegearcaster.com/the_gearcaster/2013/02/1000-fill-power-down-jackets.html) but this ‘Mirage’ jacket @$309 should keep Della warm enough this winter: http://www.moontrail.com/mont-bell-mirage-parka.php PS: Check out the freebies ($100 worth on this jacket) at Moontrail: they are a good company to buy hiking gear from. Tip: you may need a ‘shipito’ address …

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Thomson River Canoe Trip 2006 Video

Here is the unedited video I took with my (alas late) friend Steven Cleaver canoeing this wonderful river in 2006. It had somehow vanished from this website – how alarming! As a foretaste, here is Steve powering down one of the Thomson’s signature rapids: