Silnylon Deerhunter’s Tent Progress

I know I have promised the pattern and instructions (or even production and sale) of this for years following my original post about it in The Deerhunter’s Tent way back on May 12, 2016. I also realise heaps of people have made (its progenitor) their own Tyvek Solo Fire Shelter using the pattern and instructions I posted there and so are keen for an updated version.

I have been busy with other projects, and farm work now takes more of my time as I age even though the farm is much smaller – and then there is what little life is left to us to enjoy too! This (blog) is largely a ‘labor of love’ after all.

But I have intermittently ‘worked’ on it, and following my post about and invention of the DIY Ultralight Sprung Tent Pole Extension last week I thought I was pretty close.

I only had to complete the pattern and instructions for this and the 7 x 7 Poncho Multi Tarp (not to mention The Grey Flyer) and sort my mailing costs, then I could launch My Store with four-five items to begin. (Mind you I do not look forward to the extra work of having to deal with orders).

It was looking pretty good in the morning after heavy rain the other night.

Deer Hunter's Tent

With the sprung pole extension (black object top) holding it taut.

Sprung Tent Pole Extension

I had even sewn on the side tie-outs (and tent anchors – see Windy Old Weather) which were working well. All I had to do was write it all up and I was good to go.

Deer Hunter's Tent

We had sat in it to see how roomy it was – could have fitted another three of us in there, and more dogs! Note: my feet are protected from the rain in the entry.

Deerhunters' Tent

Admittedly I was not completely happy with that front flap. It needed to be slightly longer (I thought) and at a slightly different angle. Also I needed to work out exactly where to velcro it in the different configurations, but I was definitely getting close.

I thought I could leave the matter of a floor and just add its design in (for free) at a later date. People could use it without one after all, as I have been doing with the prototype, and it would be lighter that way with just a bit of Polycro at need.

Then, while I was half sleeping yesterday (I get many of my best ideas in the early morning) I wondered whether it was actually wide enough to use as a hammock tarp as well (like my other tents).

I really thought not, but I decided to give it a try anyway. It was after all (I thought) ten feet wide somewhere.

It turned out that a slightly diagonal rigging of it worked perfectly, but it would be better with a slightly larger flap for this highly desirable alternative use.

Then it would definitely suit two people hanging side-by-side.

As we recently needed to do on the Dusky Track

Dusky Track Fiordland New Zealand

Now obviously this will be highly desirable as this tent is only going to weigh around 210 grams! (ie roof, excluding a floor, which will weigh another 100+ grams depending on material used).

Some photos for illustrative purposes:

Deerhunters' Tent

Plenty of cover there

Deerhunters' Tent

And room for two (or three)

Deerhunters' Tent

Deerhunters' Tent

So now I have to redesign that flap, and clearly I will be designing a velcro-in floor so that the tent can be used as a hammock tarp and the floor can double as the hammock floor.

This will take time as I have to spread fertiliser and spray a lot of rushes, re-install a heating stove, service several cars… a myriad of jobs around the farm, so you might just be waiting a little longer for me to complete this – but it will be worth the wait:

A tent for two (or more, including dogs) which can be heated by a fire out front and can be used open even in the rain – and it will double as a hammock tarp (even for two travelers) and it will weigh only around 210 grams.

Just watch this space, please.

Cheers, Steve.

And Oh, I also have to perfect a small vent ‘mechanism’ under the flap for when it is fully closed (as in the first photo) – It will be held open with a small twig. I have envisaged this, just not yet sewn it in.

And, it would be good if I could heat it when closed) with the Ultralight Tent Stove I have also been working on intermittently whose details including the chimney also need completing. It will all come together – along with an ultralight backpack design to carry it all in.

Naturally I will also add a couple of small pockets near the door to store phone, glasses, torch, hearing aids etc for easy access in the night.

I just want it to be perfect…




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