Hunting Tales

You will find many, many posts in this blog which mention hunting (particularly sambar deer hunting which has been a passion of mine for much of my adult life) but there are many more which are relevant to the art and skill of hunting.

I have been a hunter since I could walk over 70 years ago now as were several generations of my family before me. Hunting is a great good. It has been valued as such by most of the people who have ever lived for over a million years now. You can ‘deconstruct ‘ values all you like – it would be mighty strange indeed if they were wrong!

Some other posts which you might explore which are relevant to hunting are my many posts about woodslore and survival, my posts about DIY gear, some of my canoeing posts…often other posts contain anecdotes about hunting or relevant advice.

These posts will not be your ‘conventional’ hunting yarns with a dead critter at the end. While that might be the ‘end’ of hunting. It is only a small part of this great sport. They will very often be something quit different from what you are used to, but I hope you enjoy them.

Below I have gathered some snippets of just some of the hunting related posts in this blog for you to easily dip in to. There are many more if you scroll through my blog. You will no doubt find other things of interest as well.

Some of the posts only begin (or are part of ) a series, so be sure to dip into the many attached links too. The headings are a link to the post:

A  Wild River Stag

The Lure of the Moose

Ultralight Ultracheap Deer Hunting & A Ripping Yarn or Two

Sambar Deer Stalking #101

Deer Hunter’s Tent #2

Silnylon Hammock Tent

The Seventieth Birthday Platypus

The Valley of the Deer

The Pack Rifle

Brer Fox

The Ultralight Deer Hunter

From Dawn to Dusky

A Spot of Solitude

The Best Laid Schemes

Gorilla in the Bush

Marvellous Mitchell

Mystery River

Hammock Hunting Till Dark

I’ll Take the Low Road: Canoe Hunting

Not Quite Alone in the Wilderness

The Last of the Mountain Men

Superlight Hunting Pack: 193 Grams

The Ultralight Fisherman

Follow Your Nose

The Silence of the Deer

Solunar tables

Hunting in Fiordland

The Deer Hunter’s Apprentice

Fair Chase

Sir Samuel Baker

baker sambar

The Deer Hunter’s Tent

Deer Hunter’s Tent Goes Bush

Hunting Daypack

Zpacks Zero Backpack

Ultralight Hunting Daypack Update

Best Hunting Daypack

Hunting Thumbtack Reflectors

Ultimate Blades for the Ultralight Hunter

Camera Glassing

2016-07-16 08.43.13 comp

How to treat a Gunshot Wound

Amazing Lives: Jim Corbett and the man-Eaters             

A Hiking Food Compendium

A Lazy Man’s Guide to Hiking and Hunting

Responsible Sambar Deer Hunting

A River Somewhere

High Flying

The Ultralight Wilderness Hut

The Debris Hut

Hand Line Fly Fishing

Wilderness Hut

Forbidden Wilderness

The Deer Hunter’s Phone

Ghost Shrimp and Other Small Fry

The Best Hiking/Hunting Shoe Ever

An Open Shelter

Small Game

Nuts to ‘Leave No Trace’

The Ultimate Hunting Trip

Whitetail Hunting in 1810

A Sand County Almanac

Poacher’s Moon

Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man

Trapped by Flood Waters

You Must Learn to Shoot Your Own Dog

The DIY Gunsmith

What to include in a wilderness cache

Mattresses I have Known

Three Stags

Drone Hunting

Ultralight Shooting Stick

Night Sights

The Moon Wind


Never Lose Your Hearing Aids Again

A Spot of Solitude

10 by 10 Tarp Update

The Ethical Hunter

Aloksak: Waterproof Gun Bag


The wildlife seems to get wilder every day: Giant Echidnas & Other Strange Things

A taut string will act as a tripod or a gun rest

Impregnable Gun Safe

Does Spot like to hunt deer?

Solunar tables

Water babies

Uses for Antlers

Lever Actions

The Ultimate Survival Gun

Gorge River Fiordland #2

Moose Hunting in Fiordland

Ultra Light Dog Leash

Upper Jordan Catchment

Matt can fit in as well!

45:70 Marlin Rifle

Hunting the Wonnangatta-Moroka

No More Hounds

Hunting inside a Whale

BLR Lightning Rifle

Embryo Wire










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